Robert Spiller - A Calculated Denise


Bonnie Pinkwater, a veteran teacher with a knack for finding trouble, is at it again.
This time sadistic wrestling coach Luther Devereaux is found murdered, and her mentally challenged aide, Matt, is found with blood on his hands. She enlists the help of Greg Hansen, student council president, to pursue her investigation and exonerate Matt … and then Greg's marijuana-dealing brother and father are killed as well. And it looks like Matt's dwarfish brother Simon is the culprit. That is, until Simon is shot and killed by an amorous millionaire rancher pursuing Bonnie. Can it get any worse?
Oh yes. The rancher's son is now the prime suspect. And Superintendent Xavier Divine, AKA The Divine Pain in the Ass, demands Bonnie cease her investigation or lose her job.
Maybe Bonnie should have listened to him. Because things are about to get a whole lot worse. The murderer has now kidnapped Bonnie’s beloved dog, and unless she wants to see him alive again, well …