Jane Elmor - My Vintage Summer

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A vibrant story of friendship, first experience and a summer that couldn't last forever

For us it all began in the summer of ’76, the year the sun scorched the grass the colour of sand and no-one could sprinkle their lawns or take a bath, and the year I could no longer run around without my top on.

Meet Lizzie and Kim as they grow from small-town adolescents to women on the hedonistic stage of London in the early eighties. There they join Kim's older sister, Vonnie, an untameable force of nature who is everything they'd like to be. Or is she?

Danny King - Blue Collar

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Plot: Charley’s great. She’s everything Terry has ever dreamed of in a woman and more. She’s sophisticated, intelligent, funny and beautiful. She enjoys dinner parties with friends, hobnobbing with famous actors and hanging out in the West End’s trendiest nightspots. She is, for want of better a word, luvverly. Terry simply can’t believe his luck.

And that’s the problem, because Terry doesn’t believe his luck.