Sven Hassel - Blitzfreeze


"Porta and Tiny grasp the Hauptfeldwebel firmly under the arms, lift him from his chair and send him flying in a beautiful curve straight through the window. He falls and remains in a sitting position in the snow. He looks so natural that two infantrymen salute him smartly as they pass by.

Porta and Tiny go through everything in the mobile office snatching up rubber stamps and blank forms. By the time they leave they are equipped with passes, stamps, and tickets enough to send a whole regiment on a sight-seeing tour of Europe five times over. They are already well past the frozen Hauptfeldwebel when Tiny stops as if struck by lightning.
-What the hell's wrong? asks Porta nervously.
-I'm afraid you an' me must be getting old, answers Tiny, shaking his head worriedly. -We forgot to look if ol' fatguts 'ad any gold in 'is chops!"