Paula Wall - The Rock Orchard: A Novel

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From Booklist: The Belles have been in Leaper's Fork, Tennessee, since before the Civil War, and the Belle women have been strong, independent, and lusty. But in spite of their shocking behavior, the citizens of Leaper's Fork don't hesitate to come to them with their problems or have Belles lay hands on their newborn babies, for the Belles seem to have the sight as well. Charlotte likes to smoke cigars and make money. Not a fan of children, she nevertheless begrudgingly takes in her sister's child, Angela. Charlotte's child-raising technique is "free range," which ultimately leads to a young Angela begetting her own illegitimate daughter, Dixie. No one knows who the father is, but it doesn't slow down Angela and her sultry ways. The Belles' influence is felt throughout Leaper's Fork, and just as inviting are the townspeople in Wall's wonderfully endearing story of love, life, and change, and Wall's extraordinary and original style is the icing on one very enticing cake. Maria Hatton Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

"Wall's created a crystalline world so full of one-of-a-kind can't help but enjoy your visit." --New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult

"The legendary Belle family women of Leaper's Fork, Tennessee, sparkle to life in this fine debut novel." --Publishers Weekly

"Wall's writing...sizzles." -- Nashville Scene --