Lucinda K. Porter - Free from Hepatitis C


Your Complete Guide to Healing Hepatitis C , Foreword :“I was cured of hepatitis C!” I never expected to utter those words when I was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1996. Receiving a diagnosis of hepatitis C is a life-changing event, and at that time little was known about chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) and how to live with it, and what was known was confusing and contradictory. At best, being infected with HCV was nothing to worry about; at worst, I was going to die from it very soon. Wanting reliable information for myself and others, I founded the Hepatitis C Support Project (HCSP). Over the years, the HCSP along with our website, the HCV Advocate, has grown tremendously, becoming one of the most trustworthy organizations in the HCV arena. Key to the success of HCSP and its website has been the participation of Lucinda Porter, whose involvement from the beginning helped make the “Project” what it is today.

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