Dr Margaret Smith, Patricia Michalka - Is it Me Or My Hormones


This widely acclaimed book is based on the question most asked by women who are experiencing physical and emotional changes in their middle years (ages 40 to 55). Experience has shown gynaecologist Dr Margaret Smith and psychotherapist Patricia Michalka that not all women need or want hormone therapy at this time and, indeed, not everything that happens at this time of life is due to hormones. In this book, the authors use women's experiences (including their own) to explain how to sort out the confusion caused by the interaction of hormones and life events. Their writing contains practical guidance - both medical and psychological - and reflects the rich tapestry of many women's lives with all their humour, confusion and clarity. This second edition builds on the reputation that Is It Me or My Hormones? achieved with doctors, counsellors and readers for its relevant and compassionate approach to the lives of women. It has been revised and updated, and includes developments in the prescribing of hormone replacement therapy.

'Many talk about 'holistic' approaches in medicine - but few manage to do it. Here is a book on menopause that truly examines the mind, body and spirit ... I particularly enjoyed the chapter on forgiveness. Margaret and Patricia are to be congratulated for producing such a helpful book.' Associate Professor John Eden, Director of the Sydney Menopause Centre, Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney.

'Is It Me or My Hormones? is a veritable street directory of the midlife maze. If you're a menopausal woman, or thinking of becoming one, don't leave home without it.' Susan Maushart, author of What Women Want Next, Wifework and The Mask of Motherhood. 'For women who are bewildered by the powerful changes in their bodies, this book should provide great help and comfort and increase their knowledge of how hormones affect behaviour.' Dr Barry G Wren, Consultant Gynaecologist, first president and founding member of the Australian Menopause Society.