Dr. Janet Hall - Fear Free Children


n this important contribution to managing children’s fears, psychologist Dr Janet Hall outlines how children’s anxieties are caused, and shows parents how to recognise and deal with both appropriate and inappropriate fears. She demonstrates why it is crucial that parents adopt the correct approach to helping their child overcome fear, as a wrong approach can actually exacerbate the problem. In a section designed for children’s use, Dr Hall addresses three primary sources of fear, tells the real-life success stories of children who have conquered their fears, and formulates a ‘secret fear-buster plan’ for children. Fear-free Children also explains:

    Effective and easy-to-use strategies for parents to help their child become fear-proof
    How the ‘twelve good ideas list’ can work for both parent and child
    How things can go wrong and what to avoid doing
    How a fear-free child is a more confident child

‘This is the book that every parent with an anxious child needs to have. Its simple, easy to follow strategies for handling fear reassure children that they aren’t the only kids who feel scared and that there are things that they can do to become less afraid and more confident.’
Dr Helen McGrath, psychologist and author.