Cally Taylor - the House of Wannabe Ghosts

Cally Taylor was born in Worcester, spent her childhood guarded by soldiers in Germany (oh okay, her Dad was in the army) and has lived in Brighton for the last twelve years (the longest she's ever lived in any city). When she was eight Cally was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She knew she wanted to be an author but told her teacher she wanted to be Marcia from the Brady Bunch instead. Shortly afterwards Cally received a rejection letter from Penguin Publishers; her book The Evil Weed (complete with illustrations and wool binding) wasn't quite what they were looking for. Twenty-*cough* years, and several more rejections, later Cally finally became an author, but still doesn't feel like a proper grown up.

'Heaven Can Wait', Cally's debut novel scooped the Debut Novel of the Year and Book of the Year prizes in book awards 2009. It was also the first novel ever to receive a 10/10 review from

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