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Impact Publishers, Inc. is celebrating 40 years of "psychology you can use, from professionals you can trust." Impact is an independent, family-owned-and-operated book publishing firm started in 1970 by author-psychologists Robert E. Alberti, Ph.D., and Michael L. Emmons, Ph.D. Their assertiveness bestseller, Your Perfect Right: Assertiveness and Equality in Your Life and Relationships was the first -- and is still the best -- book on this popular topic. Now in its ninth edition, with sales over 1.3 million copies, a national survey noted it as the assertiveness book most recommended by psychologists and the fifth most-recommended among all self-help books.

Impact's publications are authored by qualified professionals in the human services, and are designed to offer the finest in practical, reader-friendly help on a wide variety of personal and interpersonal matters: relationships, divorce recovery, parenting, stress, personal growth, and mental health. You'll find these books in most local and online bookstores, and we're happy to fill your requests directly, if you prefer.

Bernard Schwartz John V. Flowers-How To Fail as A Therapist


"I shudder when I think... when I, as a newly minted Ph.D. in clinical psychology, was certified as competent and qualified... it is not farfetched to say I knew next to nothing..."

"Newly minted" therapists aren't alone in making mistakes, of course; even seasoned professionals can benefit from discovering the 50+ most common errors therapists make, and how to avoid them. Newly revised and updated, this indispensable guide includes more case examples and adds seven ways "to fail" with child patients, too.

Pat Palmer and Melissa Alberti Froehner -Teen Esteem


Depression, violence, pressures to succeed, eating disorders -- being a teenager seems more difficult with every generation. Confronted daily with demands from parents, teachers, and peers, teens have to have refusal skills and positive attitudes to meet the challenges of life in a world which requires them to grow up before their time. Without patronizing or lecturing, Teen Esteem helps teenagers develop the skills needed to handle stress, peer pressure, substance abuse, anger, sexual expression, more.

Gary D. McKay, Wayne F. Peate, and Erik Mansager-Body Mind & Spirit


Three experts: a physician, a psychologist, and a spiritually oriented clinical counselor intertwine their experiences and knowledge to address the "whole you". They show that there is no gap between physical, mental, and spirital aspects of health; all aspects are interrelated and it's powerfully helpful to see this way. Blending their approaches produces a result that is greater than the sum of the parts -- like a "human quilt" -- each contributes to a healthy, satisfying life.

W. Brad Johnson and Kelly Murray -Crazy Love


Sheds light on the odd but surprisingly common disorders of personality. Psychologists Johnson and Murray tell us why so many of us are attracted to personality disordered partners, and offer strategies for detecting and avoiding such potential disasters. They also offer hope for readers already in committed relationships with personality-impaired partners, with healthy survival strategies and tips for making the relationship more livable.

John D. Krumboltz and Al S. Levin - Luck Is No Accident


Unplanned events — chance occurrences — more often determine life and career choices than all the careful planning we do. A chance meeting, a broken appointment, a spontaneous vacation trip, a fill-in job, a hobby — these are the kinds of experiences that lead to unexpected life directions and career choices.